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No work, all play

In 2022 we had a baby and when she was 5 months we headed off to Europe and North America to visit our families for 2 months.


In 2023 we decided to travel with our daughter for 4 months. This time to the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, France and the UK.


We're testing out 7 airlines and 23 hotels, holiday homes and airbnbs.  We have 2 pieces of checked luggage of 20kg each.  And we very much hope we all survive the experience.


We'll keep you posted.

As we researched and planned we found a huge number of amazing resources online, on instagram and through the generous first hand experiences of friends and family who have ventured across boarders and state lines with their families but finding some information still felt tough. We hope this page becomes a home for a collection of stories from many voices; many perspectives and links to the items you need. Because planning to leave the house with a toddler is hard enough, planning to leave the house with a toddler, plane tickets, visas, insurance, entertainment, food rations and luggage for anything more than 24 hours can feel like hell. And then the journey starts.

If you would like to be a contributor to Tantrum & Travels or you have a travel blog, gram or resource you'd like us to link please in touch at

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