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What we packed (or wished we packed) to minimise tantrums and travel with the mini

This trip we're hitting 6 countries; northern and southern hemisphere; across 4 months. We need warm and cold weather for city, beach and country. We also have a wedding.

And we have 2 suitcases with a weight limit of 23kg between the 3 of us.

We're packing:

- 2 x suitcases (23kg limit for some flights)

- 2 soft carry-ons

- 1 soft babybag carry on - which will also be our daily babybag

- 1 plane friendly overhead locker pram (reviews to follow)

So what exactly did we take for our 15-19 month old?

I've included the clothing bits further down but honestly I think this will depend on the climate, your personal baby fashion choices (we refuse headbands and our bald baby has no need for clips so don't hope for a long list of cute accessories) and access to laundry. Speaking of which I've never found a better Airbnb filter combo than "Washing Machine; Dryer; Cot; Air Conditioning" - we live by it. So our list is pretty minimal.

Kitchen Packing:

- Ice pack (we only took one)

- Snack boxes - we took Sistema 0.5 + 0.2 +0.2 (sorry I can't find these to link them!)

- Lunch/Cool bag (Love the Yeti but we also have the Sistema version!)

- Face Flannel

No Bento box I hear you cry? Well we considered it and we ordered one and it was SO heavy (yes I weighed it and it was 600g!), we tried another brand and it was 480g. And decided that a selection of small containers was lighter and more versatile for offering food on the go and storing it.

We also decided against taking bowls/plates to lighten the load.

Suitcase Food

- Pure veg pouches; everywhere we have travelled has fruit pouches/puree for bubs but pure veg pouches are gold dust. Pack as many on leg one as luggage will allow until you've figured out food on arrival.

- Snacks - baby biscuits/popcorn

Pharmacy Packing:

[NB Disclaimer some of these are/might be prescription - please check with your doctor / Dr Google / anyone qualified, I'm not at all medical.]

- Savlon - antibacterial cream

- Bactroban - antibiotic cream

- Panadol (5-12 years) NB this is more concentrated but you can give to babies and there is a dosage on the bottle for younger kids. The ml dosage is lower so we find this is easier for our little one and means we carry smaller bottle with us (less weight).

- Neurofen (5-12 years) - as above

- Sudocrem

Clothes Packing:

  1. Firstly - PACKING CUBES - we swear by them for all the small things. We buy the ones that have some mesh component so you can see what you have put in and all the air squashes out easily.

  2. Second - Laundry Bags - for dirty laundry on the go - obviously. We take 2 so we can have darks and lights and it's easy to see when we need to wash.

  3. Third - Delicates bags - so you can throw small baby items and lingerie into the same wash

- 2 dresses

- 1 pair dungarees

- 4 leggings

- 4 tshirts (1 long sleeve)

- 2 shorts

- 2 sweatshirts / 1 jumper /1 cardigan

- 1 swimsuit / swim hat / swim nappy

- 1 wetbag for the above!

- 1 warm hat / beanie

- 1 sun hat

- 5 socks

- 3 dribble bibs (teething again)

- 1 long sleeve onesie

- 2 long sleeve bodysuits

- 2 short sleeve bodysuits

- 1 pair tansandals

- 1 pair bobux white sneakers!

Would love to hear recommendations for anything we've missed that you swear by for our next leg or trip!

C, C & M x

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