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We're love our food and haven't wanted to be restricted to restaurants that offer high chairs while travelling so we've been testing a few options for portable ways to attach small people to chairs. For their safe and our food choices these are our favourite two.

1. The MVP: Izmini Baby Chair

We love this chair. Park. Beach. Restaurant. Rental house. Even on the plane.

If you're driving or you have space and weight in your plane carry-on then take this with you.

It pops up to a mini camping chair complete with secure straps and tray table. Use as is for beach, park, picnic or affix to most regular chairs to make the perfect table height high chair.

Pros: Super easy to pack/unpack. Sturdy design. Comfortable seat and straps.

Cons: The only one we can find is size/weight when you're tight on space (flying) so this one lost a star on Portable only.

Portable: 4/5

Safety: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5 (Assumed - we don't have that level of vocab from our 16 month old)

Price: $$

Alternative options: The Byron Baby Co has a really similar seat for $20 less on Amazon.

For an ultra portable option this simple fabric chair cover with in build harness was incredible for our recent long trip. We popped this in the travel pram with the rain cover and never took it out. We loved that we didn't have to remember to pack it or carry around the larger option on the off chance we would stop to eat.

Pros: Super lightweight, packable, washable, secure, inexpensive

Cons: No booster so your toddler is low down at the table. Doesn't work on bench seats or bar stools. No tray table.

Portable 5/5

Safety: 5/5

Comfort: 4/5 (Again...Assumed)

Price: $

C,C & M x

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